10 Entertainment Options for Kids During Travel

Hitting the road for a trip requires lots of planning for everything to go smoothly. When you introduce kids in the picture it now becomes a different ball game since on top of all the planning, you will have to look for ways to keep them entertained throughout the trip. 

The little ones easily become bored and jittery from exhaustion and being confined in small spaces for hours on end. 

This may cause them to become fussy and grumpy which is something you would like to avoid on a trip. To help you keep them occupied while on the road, this article shares 10 fun travel activities for kids that you should consider to keep those little ones happy and entertained while on the road.

Have a playlist of several sing along’s 

Come up with a playlist of some of your kids’ favorite songs and warm your vocal cords together with those high notes while on the road. It will not only keep them entertained but will also create a good family bonding session. The number of sing-alongs to carry will depend on how long you will be on the road.

Let them decorate the windows 

This will be most effective in a bigger and more spacious car as it will give them more windows to work on. There are several spacious cars that you can consider for a trip like this. Rental companies have several options to choose from. You can opt for anywhere between a 7-seater SUV to van rentals for 12 passengers depending on the size of your family. 

With a spacious car and enough windows to work with allow them to use window clings, window spinners, and even washable markers to decorate the windows. All these while they are still safely strapped on their seats. These will keep them engaged as they create their art masterpieces on the windows. Give them a piece of cotton clothing to erase their drawings and start all over again when they want.


Books are a good way to keep kids occupied. The type of book will depend on the kids’ ages. Drawing and coloring books will be ideal for kids who cannot yet read. You can carry storybooks for the kids who can read and even encourage them to read the stories aloud to each other to build their reading confidence and also spice up the sessions. Apart from physical books, you can listen to audiobooks on popular children’s stories together. There are so many children’s audiobooks you will be spoilt for choice.

Handheld game consoles

Handheld game consoles also come in handy to keep your kids occupied and entertained while you are on the road. They come in as a good distraction to allow you some me time too which ends up being a win-win situation. Since you wouldn’t want them to be on their small screens throughout, you can turn the playing sessions to become rewards for good behavior.  Bring along headsets to make the experience even more fulfilling for them.


Cameras are another good way to keep the little ones occupied and entertained. You can bring along a digital camera or allow them to use your phone. They can take turns taking pictures of landmarks and features along your route and later compare who took the best pictures.  This will not only keep them engaged with an element of competition in mind but also help them perfect their photography skills.

Play the state license plate game

The good old license plate game has stood the test of time and never gets outdated. Before hitting the road, you will get the kids to come up with a list of all the 50 states and they are supposed to cross out a state from the list every time they encounter its license plate on the road. Whoever crosses the 50 states first or has the highest number of states crossed becomes the winner. The game is not only a good source of kids’ travel entertainment but will also help them improve their geography.

Play card games and board games

Apart from the license plate game, other travel games you can play include card games and board games like Monopoly. These will also help to keep the kids occupied and entertained.

Do a scavenger hunt

This will require you to do some planning before the trip. You will help your kids make a list of things to look out for on the road and whoever finishes crossing the things on their list first wins the hunt. Some of the things you can put on the list include horses, a blue car, a dog, a church, a firetruck, and traffic lights to name but a few.

Give them snacks

A hungry kid is an angry kid. Pack assorted healthy snacks for them and issue them intermittently when you sense hunger pans are starting to set in. You should go down on sugary snacks because you don’t want to be with a kid with a sugar rush in an enclosed space like a car.

Get to know each other more

The normal hustles of daily life (school and work) may sometimes not allow you to spend quality time together. You can use this opportunity to connect more by asking the kids open-ended questions that don’t require yes or no answers. This will not only keep them engaged but will also help you to get to know their views on different things in life.


Traveling with kids on long stretches can be a daunting task because the little ones can at times become difficult to handle especially because of exhaustion and boredom. But the good news is that all these can be mitigated by applying the travel activities for kids discussed in this article. The next time you are traveling with your little ones, apply the tips above and you are sure to have a better time with them engaged and entertained as opposed to when they are grumpy and fussy.

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