4 Workday-Friendly Routines To Integrate For Young Women

4 Workday-Friendly Routines To Integrate For Young Women

The workweek is busy. However, the habits we follow during this time are crucial more than ever in how we live and our state of health. To become healthier, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by how and when to start. It’s easy to say and do, but in doing so, we even doubt if we can do those things very well.

If you want to combat slacking, you need to form better habits. Starting small will help. Choose a goal—how long you would like to see yourself stick to the habit. By starting small, you won’t feel overwhelmed. According to research, it takes twenty-one days to form a habit. 

Before we discuss some healthy habits you can incorporate into your day, here are a few tips for sticking to them so you start on the right foot.

Here are some healthier habits you might want to integrate into your workweek! 


Ideally, young women need one hundred fifty (150) minutes of movement. Moving your body is another way to stay healthy physically and mentally, and it has a social aspect that makes it even more fun. However, people keep exercising if they find something they genuinely love or do something they like while doing it, like listening to an audiobook or fun playlist. They can also do it with a friend. Exercise prevents us from accumulating potentially deadly conditions and helps manage mental health.

Set Boundaries

Mental and physical health are crucial. However, the mere act of setting boundaries can make a difference. Setting boundaries with work and relationships is a surefire way to keep yourself in check, especially if you struggle with people-pleasing tendencies. Boundaries differ from person to person—they are highly personal and informed by our experiences. 

We must learn to say no to people and stand up for ourselves, especially when uncomfortable. This can help us have healthier relationships with ourselves and others. We should understand that not communicating or speaking up can lead to resentment and potentially toxic relationships in the long run.

Tidying Time

Another underrated habit is cleaning. You can do it every night, but you must also find a way to make it more fun and engaging. You can set up a timer or a watch like Prospex and see how fast you can tidy up during that period. A clean and nicely organized space can help set the tone for the day and the week, especially since the weekdays are busy. Short cleaning times make a big difference in the long run and the more significant picture. It also helps one stay calm during cleaning time. 

Sleep Well

Sleep hygiene means better mental health and leveling up in the well-being department. When you lack sleep, you have higher risks for certain conditions, predominantly obesity and infections. Cardiovascular health especially needs good sleep; during sleep, the body releases hormones that help the body become energized and affect body weight.

Wrapping Up

Healthy choices need to start small but conscious. We do not have to expect perfection from others or ourselves. Not every step needs to be perfect. However, we need to show up to create new and healthier habits. 

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