Coinvest NSFAS: How to Sign Up, Login & Withdraw

Coinvest NSFAS

With the help of Coinvest and other notable fintech, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has created an NSFAS Bank Account to allow them to pay their allowances, so if you are an NSFAS beneficiary, you should register for this so you do not have to wait for funds to be paid to you by your institution.

Mobile money transactions & payments are offered by Coinvest, a leading fintech company. You can find detailed instructions on how to open a Coinvest NSFAS bank account, log in, and withdraw funds here.

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How to Sign Up For Coinvest NSFAS Bank Account?

Coinvest NSFAS

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The following steps will ensure that your Coinvest NSFAS Bank account has been successfully set up.

  1. Please visit
  2. Sign up by clicking the green ‘Sign Up’ button
  3. Enter your ID number to confirm your identity
  4. Follow the due process

You have completed the sign-up process. NSFAS funds can now be received into this digital bank account. Sign in with your username and password at if you’ve previously signed up. You can reset your password here if you have forgotten it.

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How To Withdraw From Coinvest?

Coinvest NSFAS

The app can be downloaded either from the Google Play store, the App Store, or the AppGallery depending on your device, if you have received funds from NSFAS into this newly-created digital bank account. You can withdraw funds from your account by logging in to the app.

How To Check Balance

A detailed guide is available on how to use coinvest NSFAS to check your balance; with a physical debit card, or with coinvest WhatsApp pay.

Contact Coinvest

Please use the following contact details if you need assistance opening or using this digital bank account.



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