How To Find The Best AI Tools For Students?

Students are always bombarded with homework, assignments, projects, exams, and regular studies. It’s hard to manage time dealing with all of them. Thanks to AI tools, however, the workload on students is now decreasing, allowing them more time to spend on their studies instead. And it’s not hard to find these tools either, thanks to AI directories. In this article, that’s exactly what we will talk about.

How to find education-related AI tools easily? 

There is no need to waste your precious study hours looking for the best AI tools for yourself. All you have to do is go to an AI directory like AI Top Tools and filter your searches according to your needs. An AI directory has all the tools categorized based on different factors to make it easier for you to discover them. Just follow the steps below:


The tools in AI directories are arranged into different categories. There are almost 70 categories to choose from, and you can select the ones related to Education. You can select multiple categories at once to get a more specific and narrowed-down list of tools. For example, select Education Assistant and General Writing website to get tools related to writing your assignments.


Next, select your desired pricing plan. Since you’re a student, you’ll most likely be under a budget and only looking for free tools or a free trial. You can select that from the Filter option.


Select the order in which the tools appear according to your priority. You can choose to browse tools in the order of most reviewed, highest rated, recently added, or verified, but ‘most reviewed’ is most recommended. That way, you can find the tools that have an average high rating despite being reviewed by many users, which proves its credibility. 


Browse through the list and select the tools that you think are perfect for your needs at first glance. You can find all the basic information about the tool and a website link right on the site. Go through the features to see if it has what you want.


Verify whether the tool is actually as good as it seems by checking the ratings and reviews under it. Verified users give reviews and point out the flaws in the tool so that other users can know whether it’s suitable for them. 


If the flaws in the reviews bother you, scroll further down. You will see a list of alternatives for the tool. Just compare the alternatives and go for the one that comes the closest to your needs.

The best AI tools for students

Now that you know how to find the best AI tools, here are some of the most helpful tools out there for students to assist them in various study-related activities:


Scite is a very helpful tool if you want to do research quickly for your assignments or gain more detailed knowledge about any topic. The tool helps you quickly locate the most relevant papers, save and organize them into collections, and get personalized recommendations tailored to your specific interests. So you no longer have to spend hours researching and rather find every information you need presented to you in seconds. 

If you want to absorb your textbooks with maximum efficiency, is the tool for you. With this tool, you can transform lengthy textbooks into concise study guides and mock exams to master your subjects. There are features like AI Evaluations, Learning Assistants, and Summarizers available, and the tool is being upgraded with more features. 


Struggling in your language class? Or do you simply want to learn a new language easily? Mondly is one of the best language-learning platforms out there. It combines interactive activities, speech recognition technology, and conversational chatbots to assist you in your language learning journey fully. Though the tool is a paid one, it is completely worth it.

Talk To Books 

Talk To Books can become your best friend for English class. With this tool, you can explore books and deeply understand any piece of literature. The tool can browse passages from books you want and give you relevant quotes for your assignments. And the best thing is that this tool is completely free.

Notion AI

This powerful AI-based writing tool will help you greatly with your assignments and projects. Whether generating ideas, organizing your thoughts, fixing grammar and spelling issues, or finding better ways to phrase your words, Notion AI can help you with it all. It also has free templates for you to take advantage of. There’s a freemium version of it available.

As you can see, many types of tools are out there to help you with your studies. You just have to look for them, and AI directories will help you.

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