How to Give Someone Access to Your LinkedIn Profile: A Step-by-Step Guide


LinkedIn, the premier professional networking platform, offers a range of features that facilitate connection and collaboration. One such feature is the ability to grant access to your LinkedIn profile to trusted individuals, enabling them to assist with profile management and networking endeavors. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of giving someone access to your LinkedIn profile, ensuring a seamless and secure sharing experience.

Understanding LinkedIn Profile Access

Before we delve into the steps, let’s clarify what granting access to your LinkedIn profile entails. By giving someone access, you’re essentially designating them as an administrator or delegate who can assist in managing your profile. This feature is particularly useful when you need support with profile updates, connection requests, and other networking activities.

Steps to Give Access to Your LinkedIn Profile

The process of granting access to your LinkedIn profile is straightforward. Follow these steps to initiate profile sharing:

1. Log In to LinkedIn

Access your LinkedIn account by logging in with your credentials. Ensure you have the appropriate account permissions to grant access.

2. Access Account Settings

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner to access the dropdown menu. From the menu, select “Settings & Privacy.”

3. Navigate to Account Access

Within the “Settings & Privacy” section, navigate to the “Account” tab. Look for the “Partners & Services” section and click on “Give access to your account.”

4. Enter Email Address

Enter the email address of the individual you wish to grant access to. Make sure the email is associated with their LinkedIn account.

5. Select Access Level

Choose the level of access you want to grant. LinkedIn offers different access levels, such as “Manage your network,” “Post updates and manage comments,” and more.

6. Confirm and Send Invitation

Review your selections and confirm the access details. Click “Next” to send an invitation to the selected individual.

7. Recipient Accepts Invitation

The recipient will receive an email notification. Upon accepting the invitation, they’ll gain access to the specified areas of your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Profile Access Levels

When granting access to your LinkedIn profile, you have the option to assign different access levels. These levels determine the extent of control the delegate has over your profile. Some access levels include:

  • Manage your network: The delegate can accept or reject connection requests on your behalf.
  • Post updates and manage comments: The delegate can post updates and interact with comments on your posts.
  • Edit your profile: The delegate can make changes to your profile information.

FAQs About Giving Access to Your LinkedIn Profile

Q: Can I give access to multiple individuals?
A: Yes, you can give access to multiple individuals by sending separate invitations to each one.

Q: Can the recipient of access see my messages or private interactions?
A: No, the access you grant is limited to the specified permissions, and private messages remain confidential.

Q: Can I revoke access at any time?
A: Yes, you can revoke access by going to the “Partners & Services” section in your account settings and managing the access permissions.

Q: What if the recipient doesn’t have a LinkedIn account?
A: The recipient must have a LinkedIn account associated with the email address you provide to accept the invitation.

Q: Can I choose specific sections of my profile to share?
A: Currently, LinkedIn offers access based on predefined access levels rather than specific profile sections.

Q: Is giving access secure?
A: Yes, LinkedIn employs security measures to ensure the safety of your account and data during the access-sharing process.


Sharing access to your LinkedIn profile is a powerful way to enlist support in managing your professional presence on the platform. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently grant access to trusted individuals while maintaining control over the extent of their involvement. Whether you’re seeking assistance with networking, content management, or profile updates, LinkedIn’s access-sharing feature empowers you to collaborate effectively and maximize your online networking potential. Embrace the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and elevate your LinkedIn experience through seamless profile sharing.

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