SASSA Appeal Process

In this article, we have mentioned a complete detail of the SASSA appeal process. This is a hope to millions of candidates whose application got rejected for certain reasons. With the appeal process you can increase your chance of receiving your grant payment with easy methods given further in the article. You can track your SASSA status check here.

Procedure for SASSA appeal online 2024

The SASSA is a highly known organization in South Africa for its magnificent public welfare for 19 years of great journey. Its grant is given to those South Africans who are suffering from lack of employment, poverty, health condition, disability or any temporary or permanent impairment.

An appeal is a mechanism for requesting SASSA to review their decision of your grant payment rejection. It can be crucial to candidates with correct SASSA banking details but still get rejected in their grants for many reasons as it makes applicants magnify their application.The given procedure will guide you clearly for your SASSA appeal process. Follow the steps keenfully for increasing your chances of availing any grant of SASSA after rejection. To encourage the appeal for opportunity of availing your grant payment is described in given method

SASSA appeal online via website

The best, easiest and fastest way for SASSA to appeal is with the help of an online portal. You can follow the enlisted steps for SASSA payments with appeal guidance. An electronic and convenient process for SASSA appeal is by SASSA webportal.

Step 1: Browse

Step 2: Mention your personal SA ID number and cell phone number.

Step 3: Once the documentation is done, you will shortly receive an OTP Code on your registered mobile number.

Step 4: Choose a month for which you want to appeal SASSA

Step 5: Mention your reasons for SASSA appeal.

Step 6: Select “Submit” icon.

Your appeal for SASSA payments will be requested after performing the above procedure. It will take 60-90 days after the appeal is submitted.

SASSA Appeal Time period in Processing

The period will be 2-3 months in processing for proper verification of your data. All candidates have to wait patiently during this time for successful processing of your data.. This time is required to ensure your correct data on their database.


An appeal is a chance for millions of SASSA applicants to request SASSA for reviewing their         decision. It can assist all candidates whose application got rejected due to certain reasons and lack of eligibility criteria. With the procedure given above you can perform an application for SASSA appeal.


  1. How many months will SASSA take in appeal processing?

SASSA usually takes 60-90 days in most cases. However, it may vary as per different people.

  1. Which information is compulsory for SASSA appeal to get payment?

The important documents to get your SASSA appeal are SA ID number and Personal mobile phone number.

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