TRB Group Kenya: Useful Tips to Choose Right Automotive Lubricants

TRB Group Kenya

The automotive industry is growing with great speed. Hence, they offer various great options for engine oils, motor oils, and lubricants. Speaking of lubricants, you will get numerous options to choose from. But multiple options also make the buyers puzzled about the right one. If you are also going through such situations, then you are on the right platform. Today, in this post, we will help you know everything about lubricants, including some useful tips for choosing the most suitable one. So, before you start checking the options offered by TRB Group Kenya and its ventures in Sahara and TRB Exports, it is good to check out this post. So, let us begin now.

What does automotive lubricant mean?

Automotive lubricants are mainly used for automotive parts. These are utilized to decrease the friction caused in vehicles. In addition to this, it has many other uses. For instance, it can keep the engine parts cool and clean. It also prevents the buildup of corrosion and rust.

Talking about the types, you will find four types of it: solid, oil-based, plastic, and a combination of all. Among all, oil-based (grease) is the most common one. It is used in vehicles such as cars, bikes, buses, etc.

What are the common uses of lubricants?

Before you buy one from TRB Group Kenya, it is always a smart idea to know its primary uses. Below, we have highlighted some of its uses. Take a look:

  • Reduces friction between different engine parts
  • Prevents damage and other common wear and tear.
  • Protects the engine from corrosion and oxidation.
  • Dissipates the excessive heat and maintains the right temperature.
  • Keeps the vehicle’s engine clean and cool.
  • Provides extra cushioning to the engine and its components during high stress.

Please note that these are just a few benefits of lubricants. The growing trends and advancements in this sector also ensure some more functions.

For example, motor oils offered by TRB Group Kenya are used to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Additionally, gear lubricants and gear oils are particularly useful for making gear parts smooth against high pressures. You can also find synthetic lubricants that are good for increasing the horsepower of the vehicle by reducing engine drag.

Understanding the different types of automotive lubricants

The growing need for quality lubricants has forced manufacturers and providers to come up with various types. There are four types of lubricants that you can find at TRB Group Kenya. Detailed information about these types is given below. Let us take a closer look:

  • Gear oil and engine oil

Also called motor oil, this lubricant option comes with a low viscosity and a more fluid texture. Generally, people use synthetic oil or mineral oil for engine lubrication. These oil-based lubricants have a base stock of crude oil and additives. These are highly useful to improve oil quality and fuel efficiency. Used for gearboxes and bearings, it can also be used as gear lubricant.

  • Grease

Created with thickener, base oil, and additives, automotive grease functions like gear oils. However, it is a bit different when it comes to consistency and texture, i.e., it is stickie and thicker than oil. This is why grease is a perfect option for chains, bearings, gears, and linkages. However, experts say that you should not use grease on fast-moving engine parts. It is because they can get stuck with the use of grease.

  • Penetrating lubricants

Due to their low viscosity, penetrating lubricants are flowy and very fluid in consistency. These lubricants are more refined. Hence, they are ideal for fast-moving engine parts. But you should keep in mind that penetrating lubricants are not long-lasting. Hence, you will need to use them again and again. When it comes to the best-suited parts, it is ideal for loosening nuts, bolts, and small cracks. TRB Group Kenya also offers this option.

  • Dry lubricants

It is nothing but liquid. You can get this lubricant option in spray bottles. When you spray it, a very fine layer will be visible. It is used to remove the dust and debris that is collected because of the automotive grease and engine oil. When it comes to some more qualities, dry lubricants are mess-free and very convenient. This is used for small hinges, locks, engine parts, and threaded rods.

Useful tips for choosing the right lubricant

When you explore the market, you will find plenty of options. Even though TRB Group’s ventures offer great options in Mali, Algeria, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Gambia, and Morocco, it is good to keep a few important things in mind while choosing.

Below, some tips have been listed for your help. Take a look

  • The selection will completely depend on the application and the specific task. So, decide for which purpose you need the automotive lubricant to get the right options.
  • For example, if you want to use it for wheel bearings, then grease would be the most ideal choice. It will be long-lasting and can protect the vehicle from several issues.
  • You should also see if the lubricant you are choosing meets international quality standards. This will ensure high quality and better outcomes. At TRB Group Kenya, everything is kept in mind.
  • You must buy lubricants that can retain their viscosity at different temperatures. It is important to protect the engine from damage.

Final words

The right maintenance and proper lubrication of the engine are important if you want it to work smoothly for a longer period of time. This will also make sure that your vehicle offers damage-free and smooth rides. And most importantly, it can also extend the vehicle’s life and keep expensive repairs at bay.

To get the best possible quality, TRB Group Kenya is there with its ventures, TRB Exports and Sahara. Both are involved in producing high-quality lubricants, along with engine oils and motor oils. So, before checking other options, consider TRB and its offerings for more benefits and better outcomes. This is the easiest way to keep your vehicle and its engine damage-free. You can also improve its efficiency without any hassle.

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