Where are the best areas to live in Murree?

Where are the best areas to live in Murree?


Murree is one of the best places to reside especially you are visiting as a tourist. It has numerous lush green mountains, which mesmerizes its importance as a heaven on the earth. The best spots in Murree are only few minutes away from mesmerizing Dream Valley Location. Some of the best places to stay in Murree are mentioned below.

Best stay places in Murree

Hotel One

Hotel One is located in Mall Road Murree, which is ranked amongst one of the world class tourist spots in Murree. It is around 2 km away from the main Pindi Point, which is one of the scenic spots in Murree. One can enjoy beautiful view of clouds and lights in night while staying in this hotel. It has some stylish guestrooms with LED televisions, and internet access. The complimentary breakfast is serves around 8 am at morning. This hotel also has coffee making machines in the guestrooms, where coffee lovers can make coffee of their choice. The best thing about this lavish hotel is that it is developed right in front of the beautiful green hills.

Rove Lodging

It is three bed apartment, where the tourists from outside of Murre can stay and relax in their busy day. The ones willing to enjoy a peaceful leisure time can come to this place. This place would be a best sightseeing spot of the places like Ayubia, and Kashmir Point. This place would be quite identical to huge PC bhurbhan, which involves all the world class living facilities to cater to local and international visitors.

Dream Valley Islamabad

Dream Valley Islamabad is upcoming under construction housing project that aims to transform the landscape. This housing project would be locatable near the green Murree Hills, and is surely attracting huge attention from real estate stakeholders. It has managed to get potential investors, with some general masses. The only reason behind such attraction is the successful planning of this housing project by its developers. Dream Valley Islamabad is one of the world class housing ventures developing for investors who want to enjoy the natural beauty and wishes to live nearby huge hills. The best aspect about this housing project is that the developers are adopting ecofriendly measure for the success of this housing project.

Shangrilla Resort

Shangrila Resort Hotel is another best place to stay in Murree, and it is around a 2-minute drive from Mall Road. It is also around 2.6km from Pindi Point and 20 km away from Patriata Cable Car.

All the visitors can enjoy view of mountains from the rooftop terrace and a garden and utilize all the living amenities like free wireless Internet access. Another best addition of this hotel is its huge picnic area with barbecue grills. One can satisfy the appetite for dinner or lunch at the main restaurant hall of this hotel. It also involves best room service for the guests. The breakfast service would be available from 8 am morning to 12 pm. Also, there would also be a suitable option for free parking, where there would be huge car park space.


The Dream Valley Housing Scheme is not only the upcoming unique real estate project to invest, but also a best place to stay in Murree. After its construction, it would be one of the most eminent housing project of the twin cities. The housing project would be locatable in the heart of the Federal Capital, where there would lush green hills and serenity around it. Living in this housing project would provide an astonishing experience of enjoying beauty of the hills, which might be similar to some folktale. For more information about best places to reside in Murree, you must checkout the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our website contains all the best information about real estate project in Islamabad and other parts of Pakistan.

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