How To Check If Nsfas Approved Or Rejected Your 2023 Application

How To Check If Nsfas Approved Or Rejected

If you are seeking financial assistance for your studies, submitting an NSFAS funding application is an excellent option. Your application’s progress must be tracked, however, because that is just the first step. 

A decision regarding funding for the NSFAS bursary program will be released on 6 February 2023 following the close of applications on 31 January 2023.

How To Know If Your 2023 Nsfas Application Was Approved Or Not

As a result, prioritizing your application’s progress is just as essential, and here is how you can accomplish this. 

  1. Visit the myNSFAS portal to access your NSFAS account  
  2. Sign in with your username and password
  3. Track funding progress by clicking ‘Track Funding Progress’
  4. You will receive one of several application statuses after clicking the ‘Track Funding Progress’ button.

The NSFAS status will then appear as either ‘Application approved’ or ‘Application unsuccessful’.

Your NSFAS application status of ‘Application Approved’ means that the NSFAS has processed your application, and when checking has found that your application has been provisionally approved for funding by the NSFAS.

Your registration data will be submitted to NSFAS by your institution, and payment will then be processed for you.

Your status will be indicated as ‘Application unsuccessful’ if your application has not been approved by the bursary scheme. If one or more of the funding criteria does not apply to you, then you do not qualify for the funding. 

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Nsfas will then let you know if they need to take any additional steps to approve or reject your funding application, or if any additional supporting documents or information are required to complete and process your application.

The bursary scheme, however, encourages applicants to appeal their unsuccessful application if they believe it is unfair. Appeals must be submitted by Monday 20 February 2023.

Nsfas Application Approved

Nsfas Application Approved

A provisional approval for funding indicates that an applicant has been selected for funding for the upcoming school year.

Students must provide proof of registration before Nsfas distributes funding. After the university or TVET college confirms a student’s registration, they will be officially funded for the 2023 academic year.

It is recommended that students select a public institution when registering for an NSFAS-funded course.

Nsfas Application Declined

Nsfas Application Declined

There are one or more requirements for funding that a student must meet in order for their application to be approved.

There were 317,335 bursary applications that were unsuccessful, according to Nsfas. According to the financial aid scheme, the unsuccessful applicants didn’t meet the requirements for NSFAS funding.

All unsuccessful applicants will be eligible for NSFAS funding in 2023 if they meet the criteria. In order to appeal rejection status, you must do so within 30 days.

How many applicants are awaiting evaluation?

A total of 206,781 applicants are currently awaiting evaluation, while 37,849 students await confirmation of their financial eligibility from third parties.

In the event that a student’s Nsfas application is successful, the NSFAS will cover tuition and accommodation fees. There are several allowances available to students to cover additional study-related costs.

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You should check the status of your NSFAS application for the 2023 academic year to determine whether it has been approved or rejected. Checking your application status online or through the NSFAS contact center is quick and easy by following these steps.

When checking your application status, make sure you have your application reference number and ID number handy. Don’t be discouraged if your application has been rejected. Students can also take out student loans or bursaries to finance their studies. Be persistent in your pursuit of higher education and never give up.

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